Real Madrid Foundation Clinics Greece

The Real Madrid Foundation is an organization responsible for teaching players with the Real Madrid coaching methodology throughout the world. Teaching is offered to male and female athletes.

Real Madrid Foundation Clinics of Greece will start in Athens in December 2018.

Academies are for players aged 6-16. The way the training center works is as follows:

  • 24 players per team.
  • Each team is given a head coach from Spain.
  • All the lead coaches are from the Real Madrid Foundation in Spain.
  • The lecture has a duration of 4 days.
  • Players will be trained daily for 2 hours.
  • Teaching covers theoretical and practical education of the players.
  • All athletes receive the official educational material of the Real Madrid Foundation.
  • The teaching center enables athletes to undergo individual assessment after completing the training.
  • At the end of each year, all athletes of our academies have the opportunity to choose and travel to Spain to participate in an exclusive training program in Real Madrid.

The Real Madrid Foundation Training Program is designed for children and young footballers.

The program focuses on personal advanced training in the technique, tactics and way of thinking on the pitch, as well as the values ​​associated with Real Madrid such as leadership, teamwork, respect, solidarity and effort. Each training program includes:

  • Informing the players about the objectives and content of the session
  • Tasks will be related to session objectives and content, from simple ones to complex ones, simulating competition
  • Tasks will be simple with the aim of repeating the objectives.
  • The tasks must be orientated, attacking and defending zones and by specific positions

The Coaching Seminars will be delivered by the official Real Madrid youth coaches and will cover the following;

  • Player Identification and scouting process
  • Player development process, age specific
  • The Training Process
  • Real Madrid Methodology
  • Theoretical and Practical Sessions

The Real Madrid Foundation seeks to promote our values through sports and education, teaching children human values such as commitment, responsibility and teamwork, which will be central to their success in their future work life.

Emilio Butragueño, Real's director of institutional relations
Real Madrid CF

Real Madrid have set the benchmark for world football. They have recently been been received “The best club of the 20th century FIFA trophy”. 

MGC Soccer Central

This initiative is in partnership with MGC Soccer Central to bring the worlds number one football club and its methodology to Greece for the first time.